Preparatory, application, and drying processes chosen depend on many factors, including your clients’ demands and anticipated rate at which you have to get products finished and delivered.

o Substrate surface preparation
o Application of the coating
o Drying of the coating

Drilling waste management involves the processing of drill cuttings in order to reduce the amount of waste generated and to reuse valuable drilling fluids during the drilling process. It provides solutions to reduce haul off and disposal volumes, allow for increased recovery and reuse of drilling fluids, and reduce the environmental footprint of the drilling process.

AMAZE processes cuttings generated with oil-based, synthetic, water-based, or air drilling fluids. AMAZE can process cuttings using drying shakers or using a vertical dryer and centrifuge. It also uses a chemical process and centrifuge (dewatering) to separate cuttings from water-based muds.

It can deliver services using skid-mounted equipment suitable for factory drilling operations or using mobile processing units that can provide on-demand service. All of AMAZE’s proprietary equipment is modular and self-contained, allowing for rapid rig-up, reduced costs, and a small footprint. Its highly experienced engineering staff will work to ensure that every project has a tailored solution to maximize fluids recovery, minimize waste, and fit your budget.