Amaze Catering Service opened in 2016 with dream of providing delicious food and excellent service at a reasonable cost to create memorable events. Amaze Catering create effective environments where people live, relax and work.

Its armor against unyielding competition is not only its finest cooking but also its group of well-trained professional staff whose prime objective is to serve and meet the client’s high expectations in catering services.

Amaze Catering is centrally located to handle all your catering needs in the state of Kuwait. Amaze Catering is fully licensed by the Kuwait Health Department for office based and on-sight food supply. This allows Amaze Catering to either prepare your meal in commercial kitchen or deliver it to you the hottest and freshest meal you could imagine.

Our food and services are first-rate and shall be our best guarantee of excellence, our service crew and staff is courteous at all times and renders superior client service beyond compare. They shall walk the extra mile to fully satisfy the needs of every client.

Amaze Catering is a new company in the catering service industry but committed and focused to achieve its Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Features of Camp Management

- Food Handling and Quality: At all times during storage, preparation, display, transportation and saving, food shall be protected from contamination. Food must be prepared, displayed and served with the least possible manual contact, with suitable utensils. Raw vegetables shall be kept proper temperature (7℃ or below) and washed before being cooked.

- Pest and Insect Control: Effective means to prevent the entrance and harborage of and/or eliminate the presence of flies, cock roaches, other insects, rodents, cats, dogs, etc. shall be utilized.

- Menu for Each Nationality

- Fire Fighting Facilities: Camp manager and their deputies are responsible to ensure that all personnel receive training and action to taken in case of fire.

- Medical Response (First Aid): Camp shall have a First Aid Room for labor’s light medical care. First aid equipment shall be checked on a monthly basis by the camp manager and a record of such checks shall be recorded and kept by the client co. If Client Company wants the above first aid room might be arranged by Amaze. However, first aid kits and equipment’s and medicine and related personal should be arranged by Client Company. Emergency and serious case, camp will provide mobile vehicle to hospital in cooperation with Client Company.

- Waste and Sewage Disposal: Camp will keep the adequate provision for the safe storage ad removal of waste materials and the handling of sewage and discharge from the camp. Camp check will carried out routinely to ensure that waste materials are not accumulating on the camp.

- Sports facilities: To keep the Basket Ball, traditional Volleyball by foot etc.

- Communication facilities: To be checked possibility to facilitating.

- Maintenance: Camp shall be responsible for regular inspection, routine maintenance and repair/ Replacement for all camp components, all external and internal components for camp example: roofs, doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, fixtures and fittings etc. All fixed equipment’s, e.g. air-conditioning units, fire extinguisher etc. The plumbing systems and their components, e.g. sanitary equipment, water pipe work, sewage/waste water pipe, portable water tank, water heater etc. The electrical systems and their components, e.g. electrical cabling, outlets, internal and external lighting etc. An adequate supply of Electricity & portable water, Sewage water treatment service shall be provided to the camp routinely.

- Transportation Plan: Transportation shall be provided using appropriate vehicles that shall always be in sufficient numbers and in safe driving at anywhere. Transportation schedules and frequency of trips shall take into consideration the number of client personnel to be transported and the work schedules at the various sites.