Complete backyard management is an integrated approach to improving the efficiency and management of all backyard operations. Backyard management consolidates the waste management and solids control responsibilities under the single point accountability and management of AMAZE.

Responsibility for these systems are typically segregated to multiple vendors with little communication or collaboration in operational procedures, resulting in overall inefficient operations. Consolidating these services under AMAZE management ensures maximum return on investment realization by the operator during the drilling process.

In addition, AMAZE backyard manager provides management of all equipment and third-party services in the backyard, including haul-off services, and provides detailed data collection and reporting of all backyard operations.

o GYRO service for oil rigs
o Centrifuges Rental for rigs
o Waste segregation for rigs
o Bottom Hole Assembly
o Mobile compaction
o RoRo

o Wheelie bins available in varying sizes
o Drill cuttings bins
o General offshore containers
o Open top offshore baskets
o Half-height containers
o Workshop containers (power/light and storage internal)

o Tool shack containers (power/light and storage internal)
o Spill response equipment includes:
o Incident control units
o Full PPE and emergency equipment
o Chemical dispersants
o Spill kits

o Portable booms
o Soak up mats and granules
o Drain covers
o Pit and tank cleaning
o Pit and tank cleaning