SM Powertech Co. LTD.

SM Powertech is a South Korean based company that specializes in planning and developing measuring instruments, along with diverse scope of business in manpower and technology. Since 1993, SM Powertech has grown into a company of electrical and instrumentation construction corporation, specializing in power plants, petrochemical plants, building electrical system construction, transmission & distribution, high speed railways, electrical railways and signal security equipments. The area of business of SM Powertech includes domestically South Korea, and internationally Armenia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Cote dā€™ Ivoire, Uzbekistan, Bahrain and Ghana.

KTI Engineering & Construction Co. LTD.

KTI Engineering & Construction is a South Korean based company that specializes in overseas plant projects. Moreover, KTI specializes in the erection of Steel Structure, installation of Mechanical Equipments and Piping Works in connection with various kinds of plants such as Oil Refinery, Gas, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants.

Amiran Technologies, LLC.

Amiran Technologies is a USA (Wisconsin) based Environmental Remediation & Technology Development Company. Amiran Technologies strive in providing unique, ecologically sound, cost effective solutions for the decontamination of waste streams worldwide in a fashion that restores the environment to a pristine state while promoting beneficial reuse.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

  • Contractor: SK Engineering & Construction Co.
    Project: Elevated Substations in SEK ā€“ EF/1600
  • Contractor: Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation.
    Project: Supply of Rigs for Drilling & Workover Operation
  • Contractor: GS Engineering & Construction
    Project: Soil Remediation of Contaminated Features in South East Kuwait Field
  • Contractor: Petrofac International Limited
    Project: KOC, New Gathering Centre, GC-29 in North Kuwait.

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)

  • Contractor: Consolidated Contractors Company, Kuwait (CCC)
    Project: Project Management & Consultancy Services for Clean Fuels Project (CFP)
  • Contractor: JGSK Joint Venture, Kuwait
    Project: KNPC, Clean Fuel Projects (CFP), MAA Package CFP-A/EPC- 0030
    Project: KNPC, Clean Fuel Projects (CFP), MAB Package CFP/EPC/0054-MAB1
  • Contractor: Kukje Plant Company.
    Project: KNPC, Clean Fuel Projects (CFP), Manpower Supply & Equipment Supply
  • Contractor: Kumyang Electric Co., LTD.
    Project: KNPC, Clean Fuel Projects (CFP), Manpower Supply & Vehicle Supply.
  • Contractor: Dong Il Industry Co., LTD.
    Project: KNPC, Clean Fuel Projects (CFP), Manpower Supply
  • Registration in KNPC to Participate in Public Tenders
  • Registration in KNPC System as a Supplier